GE Transportation Partnership

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Lodestar Logistics established a partnership with GE Transportation of Atlanta, GA to develop a broad suite of services targeted toward rail shippers as well as railcar owners and lessees. These services were ultimately incorporated into GE's cloud-based management applications RailConnect™ 360 and ShipperConnect™.

ShipperConnect™ helps industrial rail shippers automate rail operations, obtain shipment visibility and manage transportation assets and inventory. Shipment movements are visible at the plant, in-transit and at railroad yard and transload facilities to help customers make better shipment planning, scheduling and forecasting decisions.

With these services, Lodestar and GE Transportation are positioned not only to provide shippers and equipment owners/lessees with state of the art information systems, but also offer hands-on rail fleet management and advisory services wherever such assistance is desired by the customer. By combining their expertise and talents, GE and Lodestar are able to offer top of the line service to shippers and railcar owners