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The "Syntrax System" is a patented, railcar distribution model developed by Lodestar Logistics. The model's primary focus is the management and handling of railcars from the point of their release from a consignee to the point of their return for reloading. This distribution and routing model accrues operational and financial benefits to both rail Shippers and their supporting rail Carriers. These improvements can be most readily described as providing for improved rail service reliability, increased rail system velocity, reduced rail system congestion and a reduced overall railcar population.

The deployment of this business model is a highly collaborative process between Lodestar, various rail Shippers and their serving rail Carriers.

Development of the Syntrax System facilitates the use of uniform business processes across multiple Shipper customers and the systematic management of their combined railcar assets resulting in improved asset utilization and reduced fleet operating costs. The proactive management of fleet assets and integration of railcar demand planning provide the landscape for the inter-company pooling of fleet resources.

The initial application of the Syntrax business model is focusing on the movement of polymer resins in covered hopper cars, but the model has broad applicability across multiple industrial product market sectors.